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In New England the winter is five months long, everybody eats beans, and everything’s buried under six feet of snow. Moving from dreary 1970s New England to an 1840s Transcendental utopia and beyond, this devised play follows a group of wavering idealists searching for meaning and purpose in all the wrong places. Combining paper dioramas, ecstatic small-town parades, and live-feed projection, Piehole’s Old Paper Houses cycles through faith and doubt to ask: how do we continue to find things to believe in, even when it’s really, really cold? 

After each performance of Old Paper Houses, audiences were invited into the bones of the Irondale Center for music, snacks, drinks, conversation (no pressure), art, and poetry. A different group of artists helped us create each post-show event as unique, one-time-only, post-utopianist hang-out zone. With free pizza.

Maddy line produced Old Paper Houses at the Irondale Center in 2015.

Created by Piehole with texts by Bernadette Mayer
Director Tara Ahmadinejad Head Writer Jessie Renee Hopkins  Dramaturg Elliot B Quick  Scenic Design Kristen Robinson  Lighting Design Serena Wong   Costume Design Nikki Delhomme  Video Design Paul Piekarz  Sound Design Joseph Wolfslau  Original Music Jason Sigal Ensemble Nora Fox, Benoit Johnson, Allison LaPlatney, Alexandra Panzer, Emillie Soffe, Ben Vigus, and Jeff Wood Post-Show Guest Artists Natalie Eilbert of the Atlas Review, Tender Buttons Press, Katherine Cooper, Adam Mazer, Matt Tong, Eileen Meny, Laura Gragtmans, GIANTfingers, Eva von Schweinitz, Jeff Tobias & Ansel Cohen, Allen Riley, Jessica Goldschmidt, W.I.T.C.H., The Good Morning Nags, Ikechukwu Ufomadu, Lauren Whitehead, Jon Bernstein & Deepthi Waleratna, & Nora Fox

Photography Eileen Meny