PIANO TALES is musician-storyteller duo James and Jerome's ongoing celebration the freedom that comes from not having a plan. The audience chooses which three tales out of a possible ten will be told, and in what order. Then, through improvised storytelling and piano-playing, James & Jerome tell those tales in a different way than they ever have before, discovering a totally new show right along with the audience. No two performances of PIANO TALES are the same.

For PIANO TALES Nos. 18, 19, and 20, Maddy partnered with the PIANO TALES team to bring the show to three site-specific locations which each informed that evening's selection of tales and inspire drinks and snacks created especially for PIANO TALES by Lot 2 (Owner/Chef Daniel Rojo and Owner/Bar Manager Dawn Kinstle). PIANO TALES No. 18 took place in a Brooklyn brownstone. PIANO TALES No. 19 took place at fleursBELLA. PIANO TALES No. 20 took place in the rehearsal room at New York Theatre Workshop.

PIANO TALES is available to tour to any space that has a piano! For more information, please visit James & Jerome and contact us.

Created and performed by James Harrison Monaco & Jerome Ellis Director Andrew Scoville
Production Design Marika Kent  Associate Producer Megumi Lee


"Telling stories can be a tricky act, especially more literary ones, as they can fall into the trap where the words just don’t sound as nice spoken aloud as they would sitting on a page to be read. Luckily, the duo James Harrison Monaco & Jerome Ellis (or more simply, James & Jerome) manages to escape this trap entirely. Their tales run the gamut, going from from more casual quips to poetic poignance in a matter of minutes and transforming a simple stage into space for transformation using only words and music." — Cassidy Graves, Bedford & Bowery